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What is Crowdfunding? The biggest tablet available The Promise of Paradise The Hassle-Free Way to Rent a Car in Jakarta Professional PDF to HTML conversion

What is Crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding is a relatively recent phenomenon that has taken the online world by storm. It consists of collecting funding from a large amount of backers through the use of a web platform designed for this purpose. Ever since the concept took off a few years ago, there have been numerous platforms that emerged which allow […]


The biggest tablet available

I’ve conquered the smartphone world. I’m Proficient in apps email and on-line bill pay. Next I took on the Ipad and Kindle and defeated their minuscule world. Question: WHAT’S NEXT? Answer: The Tabler The Tabler turned my flat screen T.V. in to a touch screen. How cool is that? A 70” touch screen. The Tabler […]


The Promise of Paradise

From street walker to virgin bride, every woman at some time wants a man to take notice. Love it or hate it, women have been wearing corsets for hundreds of years. Once just a torturous undergarment worn to give the illusion of a small waist. They are now high fashion. Rock stars wear them as […]


The Hassle-Free Way to Rent a Car in Jakarta

As an art collector, I love visiting Jakarta at least twice a year to expand my growing collection. Taking the local bus service or having to hail a taxi cab are simply not good options for me because they are too time consuming. In addition, if I am transporting my latest art acquisition, I don’t […]


Professional PDF to HTML conversion

It’s a fact that for information to be used by general public, it should be capable of being rendered in any possible OS and platform out there. Therefore, universal formats such as PDF and HTML have now become household names when it comes to professional work environment or WWW. Sometimes people need to convert between […]


Payday Loans are Ideal in an Emergency

21 March 2014

Payday loans are a great option to consider when you have an emergency and have limited or no funds until payday. Many times unexpected events come up such as medical bills, auto repair expenses, or a particular high month in utility or phone bills. If this presents an emergency cash situation for you, then you […]

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Sailing across the Maldives

07 March 2014

The Nautilus has a trip that begins on the 9th of September, till the 17th, that will take you around on a scenic route to Haa Alif, Haa Dhaal and Shaviyani, traditionally known as the Thiladhunmathi atoll and the northern half of Miladhunmadulu Atoll. Travelers board the domestic flight from Ibrahim Nasir International Airport at […]

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Baby clothes for all Babies Accepted

05 March 2014

When you are expecting or just had a newborn shopping for clothes is the best part. Either you shop for a boy, a girl or even both. Either way baby clothes are always adorable. When looking for baby clothes you have to look at either, boy clothes or girl clothes. Now you can also look […]

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Tauchreisen auf den Maldiven (Video)

01 March 2014

Viele Menschen träumen von einem Urlaub auf den Malediven: Die traumhaften Strände und die abwechslungsreiche Unterwasserwelt sind für viele Fernwehgeplagte der Inbegriff eines Paradieses. Rund 450 Kilometer südwestlich von Sri Lanka liegt diese Inselgruppe: Hier ist der Indische Ozean immer angenehm warm. Auf den Inseln leben nur rund 300.000 Menschen, die hauptsächlich von der Fischerei […]

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Costumes that Create a Stir

27 February 2014

Dressing in a costume is an opportunity to act out a fantasy for a night. The fantasy may consist of being the opposite of your real personality, allowing your humorous side to take full reign, or to transform yourself into a paragon or glamor and sophistication. Going the sexy route may lead to an evening […]

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Ideas for Wooden Letters

24 February 2014

Wooden letters are an expressive and personalized way to decorate any living space. The creative possibilities are nearly endless. One of the most common ideas for wooden letters are to spell a baby’s name for their nursery. Some may choose to have wooden initials for wedding decoration. However, ideas are not limited to just names […]

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Making Money From Home – Using Gigbucks.com

17 February 2014

Nowadays, most of us look for alternative ways to make some extra cash. It can be a work from home job option or an affiliate marketing job that helps us to earn some money. If you are looking for ways to make money from home, then you may consider using the website Gigbucks.com. This is a […]

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Exciting Brazilian Music

12 February 2014

Música sertaneja is an exciting musical style whose origins began in Brazil in the 1920s. It is Brazil most popular music style throughout the interior of Brazil. Sertanejo songs have been written about people, places, spiritual beliefs and much more since it began. It is the most popular music genre played on Brazilian radio which […]

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The Saudi Dream

31 January 2014

I am not the most experienced home buyer, in fact, I am more of a traveler. I like to see the world and experience the different cultures. However, if you are one that would like to settle down somewhere, I suggest you look into www.3qarsa.net. Whether you have been to Saudi and fell in love […]

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Wissenswertes über die Maldiven in einem Youtube video

28 January 2014

Türkisblaues, 29°C warmes Wasser, Sonne rund um das Jahr und weiße Strände: diese Traumvorstellung, besser bekannt als die Malediven, befindet sich ungefähr 450 km süd-westlich von Sri Lanka im Indischen Ozean. Weniger als 315.000 Menschen bewohnen die Inselkette, wobei 30% von ihnen in Male, der Hauptstadt der Malediven, wohnen. Die Haupteinnahmequellen des islamistisch geprägten Volkes […]

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