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What is a Whale Shark

The whale shark can be a non-aggressive creature that poses no threat to swimmers, snorkelers or scuba divers. Whale sharks are actually fairly playful towards scuba divers and snorkelers. So what is a whale shark? Needless to say, divers really should stay away from swimming in to the Shark’s mouth or acquiring hit by the fish’s tail, which could indeed result in some harm towards the individual.

Small is recognized with the whale shark’s reproductive habits. They may be believed to grow to be sexually mature at about 30 years and may reside till they may be about 80 years old. Whale shark young are referred to as pups. In every whale shark mother, there may be hundreds, even a large number of eggs, but not all of them will create into pups, rather they’re going to be eaten by the other eggs. Baby Whale Sharks are ordinarily about two feet lengthy at birth. The smallest whale shark on record was 15 inches extended.

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